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  what clients say

"You have done a wonderful job."
M.W., Author

"Thanks so much Jane, it looks great. I will definitely keep you in mind for future projects."
E.H., Author

"Jane Henderson did a really good job disentangling the many threads of the book."
M.H.D., Author

"Jane is an exceptional indexer and my go-to freelancer for this task. She excels at working with complex, detailed manuscripts, and she's highly professional."
C.D.T., Assistant Editorial Manager

"I think that overall, your approach and style for the index are truly excellent. You've got the key figures, book and concepts/subjects down, and the explanatory nature of the references is great. terms of the content, sagacity and usefulness of what you've done, I think that it's an A+ (spoken like a true professor)."
E.K., Author

"Thanks, Jane, for the great index, as well as for pointing out some inconsistencies that needed correcting. The Press is lucky to be associated with you."
W.L., Project Editor

"[the author] asked me to tell you that she was REALLY impressed by the index and really appreciated the quality of the professional work you had done. "
S.M., Production Editor

"What a great job!"
W.B., Author

"Thanks for your great work!"
K.D., author

"The index looks great; we were pleased to work with you again."
C.H., Author

"It's such a pleasure and a comfort to have you doing an index for us. I know I don't have to worry about it."
S.M., Production Editor

"It looks great! Thanks again for your beautiful work."
L.D., Production Editor

"I love the index, Jane--this would have been a better book if I had had your index to work from!"
N.D., Author

"We have reviewed the index and it looks great. We are very pleased with its comprehensiveness."
L.D., Author

"This is really fantastic! I'm so happy with it--thank you so much. I love the way you captured all the abstract concepts..."
H.M., Author

"Many thanks, Jane. The index looks terrific!"
C.D.T., Asst. Editorial Manager

"Thanks so much, Jane. This looks fantastic."
J.D., Director of Publications

"Thank you for the development of such a thorough and comprehensive index."
D.L.M., Author/Editor

"You are fantastic!!!! Thank you for all your patience as well as your skill!"
L.D., Production Editor

"Thanks so much for doing this quickly and with your usual excellent quality."
S.M., Production Editor

"You have done an excellent job, and going through your work I could realize how difficult it must have been."
M.F., Author

"Once again, you did a terrific job for us...The editors were extremely pleased... I am relaying their thanks and adding mine."
C.S., Director of Scholarly Publications

"Thank you for indexing our book with such care."
T.L., Author

"The index looks great...I'm so glad you did this, and so expertly, instead of me."
J.J., Author

"Thanks so much for this index--it's really comprehensive! Looks great!"
E.S., Author

"Gosh! It's just brilliant Jane--thank you...doing it myself would have resulted in something far inferior!"
R.W., Author

"You're at the top of the list we send to authors...since your work is so good."
J.C., Senior Editor

"It's always good to work with you... We appreciate the quality of your indexes as well as your habit of keeping the schedules..."
K.K., Project Editor

"[the author] was thrilled with his index; thanks for another terrific job."
J.C., Senior Editor

"Just wanted you to know that the author is thrilled with the index!"
S.S., Project Editor