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Jane Henderson is a professional book indexer who lives and works in Portland, Oregon. She immerses herself in each book, and crafts indexes that are comprehensive and reader-friendly. Jane's areas of interest and expertise include environmental design, visual and performing arts, anthropology, cultural and local history, human and civil rights, early childhood development, horticulture, sustainability, and psychology. More than a decade of working as a landscape architect in design and planning firms gives her a special expertise in landscape architecture, gardening, architecture, urban and land use planning, and sustainable design. Jane writes indexes using Cindex professional indexing software.

Education and Training
  • Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, University of Oregon
  • Indexing Course, USDA Graduate School
  • Indexing Workshops, American Society for Indexing
  • Peer Review

Pacific Northwest Chapter, American Society for Indexing
American Society for Indexing